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Audio/Visual Entry

Looking for a system that lets you see and talk to who’s at your door before you let them in? An audio/visual entry system can do just that. Usually found in flats and commercial properties where it might not be suitable for you to go to the door to answer, these systems allow you to see who’s there and then let them in from a remote position.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of audio/visual entry systems, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Benefits Of An Audio/Visual Entry System

There are a huge range of benefits of having an audio/visual entry system installed. Below are some of the top reasons why you might consider one:

  • You get to see who’s at your door before you let people in. This can stop you letting in unknown people who could potentially be intruders.
  • You can speak to the people at the door through the system. This means that you can find out further information about the visitor before allowing them entry. For example if a cold calling sales person came to your door you could ask why and when your not interested, simply say so and put the phone down. Much easier than telling someone to go away face to face.
  • Some cameras can be activated by motion. This is an added security feature where the camera will start recording when someone approaches the door. This can be a deterrent to those looking to break in and can provide evidence if they do.

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Additional handset for Fermax Citymax Kits

£29.62 £26.65 inc VAT

CDVI 2Easy 1 Way Audio Kit complete 1 Way Audio entry kit

£115.20 £82.94 inc VAT

CDVI 2Easy 1 Way Video Kit complete 1 Way Video entry kit

£478.80 £344.74 inc VAT

Counter Induction Loop Kit

£370.85 £222.50 inc VAT

Fermax 1401 Way kit – 1 Way Video Entry Kit

£674.10 £566.26 inc VAT

Fermax 1402 Way kit – 2 Way Video Entry Kit

£1,071.60 £900.14 inc VAT

Fermax 1412 Additional Monitor

£397.44 £333.85 inc VAT

Fermax 4920 1 Way Duox City audio kit 1 Way audio entry kit

£207.60 £174.38 inc VAT

Fermax 4954 1 Way iLoft video kit

£988.80 £805.68 inc VAT

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Fermax 6201 1 way Citymax audio kit

£83.16 £69.85 inc VAT

Fermax 6202 2 Way Citymax audio kit 2 Way Audio entry kit

£109.30 £91.81 inc VAT

Interchangeable Front Cover For Fermaxi iLoft Video Monitor.

£98.40 £88.56 inc VAT

Fermax 4961 1 Way City VDS Colour Video Kit – 1 Way Video Entry Kit

£691.20 £597.54 inc VAT

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