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Gate & Grill Security

Whether you’re looking to secure your garden or need extra security for your commercial premises, these gate and grille security products may just be what you’re looking for. From gate latches and drop bolts, to digital gate locks we have solutions for all levels of security.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of gate and grille security products, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Gate Latches

We have a number of different gate latches available from simple gate latches to heavy duty automatic gate latches with locking abilities. We’re sure to have something to meet your security needs.

The type of gate latch you choose will often depend on where you’re gate is situated. If it’s the main entrance to your front garden which will be often used by visitors then a simple latch should suffice, however for you back garden you may want a higher security option with locking abilities in order to stop unwanted intruders gaining access. Remember you will need a padlock in order to lock most gate latches.

Drop Bolts

Drop bolts are another great way to add extra security to your gates making them even harder to prise open. Do to the nature of drop bolts we would recommend that they are used on gates which are less frequently used.

Digital Gate Locks

Digital gate locks can take your gate security to the next level and will usually be found on communal or commercial areas where access needs to be restricted to the general public but many people will be gaining access.

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Borg 3000 Series DIgital Gate Lock

£121.97£172.66 inc VAT

Crompton 1131 Surface Pattern Gate Latch

£15.20 £8.66 inc VAT

Crompton 1136 Gate Latch – Plain Handle

Crompton 1136 Gate Latch – Plain Handle

£6.77£7.27 inc VAT

Crompton 1137 Gate Latch – Twisted Handle

£13.37 £7.62 inc VAT

Crompton 1822 Heavy Automatic Gate Latch

£7.63 £4.34 inc VAT

Crompton Bow Handle Door Bolt

£24.67 £14.06 inc VAT

Crompton Cranked Hook & Band 457mm 18

£32.22 £18.36 inc VAT

Crompton Foot Bolt

£19.97 £11.38 inc VAT

Crompton Monkey Tail Door Bolt

£11.90£14.77 inc VAT

Crompton Straight Folded Eye

£67.85 £38.68 inc VAT

Gatemaster Alloy Handle Set

£18.72 £11.23 inc VAT

Gatemaster Autolocking Dropbolt for Double Gates

£62.66 £37.60 inc VAT

Gatemaster Bolt on Deadlocking Latch

£122.16 £73.30 inc VAT

Gatemaster Bolt On Euro Deadlatch 10-30 BK

£122.14 £73.28 inc VAT

Gatemaster Bolt on Gate Deadlock

£106.06 £63.64 inc VAT

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