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Hinge Bolts

Hinge bolts are an extra layer of security that can be added to any door in order to help prevent the door being forced off their hinges. This is often a weak spot for certain doors, especially when the hinges are exposed, and therefore a good way to improve the overall security.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of hinge bolts, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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What Are Hinge Bolts?

Hinge bolts are bolts which sit on the hinge side of a door and are engaged when the door is in a closed position. This means that the door can only swing open/closed and therefore makes it harder to force entry on the hinge side of the door, or by removal of the hinges.

How To Install Hinge Bolts

Fitting hinge bolts to your doors can be a fairly simple task. Below outlines the basic method of doing this, however we would recommend following manufacturers instructions in order to ensure that the hinge bolts are fitted correctly.

  1. Mark the position on the hinge side of the door where the bolt will be placed.
  2. Drill a hole to the depth and width required for the bolt. This will usually be specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Hammer the bolt into drilled hole. The ribbed section should fully be fully within the hole only leaving the smooth section protruding from the door.
  4. To get the positioning for the plate, gently close the door so that the bolt makes a slight mark on the door frame. Position the plate so that the centre hole is centre to the mark and draw a line around the plate. You will then need to chisel out marked area to the depth of the plate and drill the centre hole.
  5. The plate then needs to be screwed in place and then check that the door opens and closes correctly.

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