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Mechanical Digital Locks

Mechanical digital keypad locks are an ideal way to secure internal office space, staff rooms, store cupboards and even out building without the need for either keys or electricity. They are activated by the user-programmable codes which can be shared with others to give access.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of Mechanical Digital Locks, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Benefits of Mechanical Digital Locks

If you’re unsure about whether a mechanical digital lock is for you or not, then these benefits may help you make a decision:

  • You can easily change the code at any time. This means that you can easily change the code if it becomes compromised or if you need take access away from someone who has previously has it.
  • Most of these locks will automatically lock when the door is closed (usually a switch to turn this on and off) which improves the overall security.
  • As they are mechanical there’s no reliance on batteries or main power.
  • No keys are required. This is useful as you won’t need to carry and have to remember them. It also takes the need to have multiple keys cut out of the equation.
  • Mechanical digital locks are easy to install and can usually be retrofit to existing locks.

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Borg 2201 Easy Code Pro Tubular Mortice Latch Hold Back

£81.60 £53.86 inc VAT

Borg 2501 Easy Code Pro Tubular Mortice Latch Hold Back

£105.60 £69.70 inc VAT

Borg 2701 Easy Code Pro Tubular Mortice Latch Hold Back

£129.60 £68.42 inc VAT

Winter Clearance Sale 2019
Borg 4409 Digi Rim Slam Latch – Black

£117.60 £77.62 inc VAT

Borg 4409 Digi Rim Slam Latch – Black

Borg 6100 Solo Digital Door Lock – For Retrofit Applications

£216.22£224.14 inc VAT

Borg 7001 Digital Tubular Mortice Latch Lever Pass

£248.40 £163.94 inc VAT

Borg BL2200 Mechanical Push Button Lock

£64.80 £42.77 inc VAT

Borg BL2500 Mechanical Push Button Lock

£112.06 £73.96 inc VAT

Briton 9160 Series Mortice Latch Digital Lock

£31.67£37.72 inc VAT

Briton 9260 Outside Digi Lever

£403.51 £193.68 inc VAT

Codelock CL160S EasyCode Digital Locks Mortice Larch Version.

£79.20 £52.27 inc VAT

Codelock CL500 Digi Panic Access Unit SS

£151.80 £100.20 inc VAT

Codelock CL505 Digital Panic Access Unit Code Free

£151.80 £100.20 inc VAT

Codelock CL610 Digital Tubular Mortice Latch

£274.56 £181.21 inc VAT

Codelock CL615 Digital Tubular Mortice Latch with Code Free Entry

£172.97£181.21 inc VAT

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