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Mortice, Barrell & Flush Bolts

These bolts are an excellent way in which you add extra security to your doors, or to essentially turn double doors into single doors. The main use is usually the later in which the bolt is used to keep one side of the door firmly locked in place whilst the other can freely be opened or closed. This also improves security when both doors are locked.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of mortice, barrel and flush bolts, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Mortice Bolts

These bolts act very much like a usual locks, but in these instances are used additional security rather than the primary security. You would expect to find mortice bolts on french or double doors.

Barrel Bolts

Barrel bolts are often the first solution which comes to mind when adding extra security to double doors. These tend to be one of the most rugged bolt products which comes in handy when security is the main goal. However, some people do find them less aesthetically pleasing meaning that some of the main uses tend to be on outdoor double doors which may be found on sheds or summer houses.

Flush Bolts

Flush bolts have many of the same security benefits as the other types of bolts, but also come with the added benefit of a minimum visible impact, making them ideal for internal double doors.

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Alpro Flat Flushbolt with Rod

£9.32 £5.60 inc VAT

Alpro Radius Flushbolt with Rod 12 SAA

£9.32 £5.60 inc VAT

Axim 6201612 Flat Flush Bolt For Metal Doors

£16.67 £11.00 inc VAT

Axim 6201712 Radius Flush Bolt For Metal Doors

£16.67 £11.00 inc VAT

Banham R102 Mortice Door Bolts

£44.28 £26.57 inc VAT

Door bolt kit = VRB57B x 2 VRBK x 1

£16.32 £8.81 inc VAT

Era 506-55 Door Bolt Key Trade Pack

£3.41 £1.85 inc VAT

ERA 838 Mortice Door Bolts

£5.21£20.64 inc VAT

Flush Bolt Keep Only ZP

£2.89 £1.74 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Necked Barrell Bolts

£7.46£12.41 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Straight Barrell Bolts

£11.89 £7.14 inc VAT

Mortice Door Bolt Bathroom Oval Thumbturn

£6.22£6.85 inc VAT

Necked Tower Bolts

£2.65£4.75 inc VAT

Rola Renown A Staple only

£6.02 £4.82 inc VAT

Secondary Mortice Door Bolt

£0.72£3.80 inc VAT

Sofi BC021FL Flat Flush Bolt For Metal Doors

£25.90 £10.87 inc VAT

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