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Multipoint Centre Cases/Gearboxes

Sometimes when your multipoint lock starts being faulty it might just be the centre case which needs replacing rather then the entire lock. This is both an easier and cheaper fix so it’s definitely something which should be looked into before doing a full replacement.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of multipoint centre cases/gearboxes, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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ABT Gibbons Centre Case With Snib (Aluminium Doors) – Double Spindle

£107.51 £47.47 inc VAT

ABT Gibbons Gearbox Without Snib – Used on UPVC Profiles.

£102.70 £35.99 inc VAT

Asgard 35/92 Slave Case Only – Lever Lever

£71.12 £42.68 inc VAT

Avantis Gearbox – Double Spindle

£28.79£47.52 inc VAT

Cego Gearbox New Style – Split Spindle

£49.44 £28.16 inc VAT

Cego Surelock Copy Gearbox Lockcase Deadbolt Version – Double Spindle

£47.16 £27.07 inc VAT

Cego Top/Bottom Hook Case Only, Copy Gearbox – Hook case shell to suit old style Cego locks

£43.06 £25.84 inc VAT

Copy Gearbox to Suit Old Style GU – Lift Lever – Single Spindle

£9.58£20.15 inc VAT

ERA Saracen Gearbox Deadbolt Version – Split Spindle

£12.08£15.54 inc VAT

ERA Saracen Lockcase Hook Version – Split Spindle

£31.39 £15.82 inc VAT

ERA Slave Gearbox – Slave Door Gearbox

£69.23 £37.38 inc VAT

ERA Vectis Deadbolt Gearbox – Deadbolt Version

£26.86£27.06 inc VAT

ERA Vectis Hookbolt Gearbox – Hookbolt Version

£47.80 £28.68 inc VAT

ERA Vectis Slave Gearbox – Slave Lock Version

£47.78 £28.67 inc VAT

Fuhr Gearbox – Lift Lever

£15.11£25.42 inc VAT

Fuhr Gearbox – Slave Door Version

£73.00 £43.80 inc VAT

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