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Overhead Closers

Designed to help stop the spread of fire, these overhead closers will ensure that your fire doors close behind a person passing through. Looking for a solution which means your fire doors can stay open until there’s a fire? Check out our range of electromagnetic closers.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of overhead door closers, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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How To Install Overhead Door Closers

Here is a quick overview of how to install an overhead door closer. The installation can vary depending on the manufacturer and the required angle of opening of the door. We would recommend following the manufacturers instructions in order to ensure that the door closer is installed correctly.

  1. Ensure that the door is in good condition and can freely close without any resistance
  2. A template is usually provided with the door closer. Use this to mark drill holes and then drill pilot holes.
  3. Fit the door closer body to the door.
  4. Detach the arm off the closer and fix the adjuster arm show to the door frame.
  5. Fix the arm to the closer body ensuring that it can rotate to the desired angle.
  6. Fit the spindle cover back onto the closer body.

How To Adjust Overhead Door Closers

If you have an overhead door closer you may want to adjust the closing speed of these doors. This can be done using the adjusting screws, of which there are usually two. The first one adjusts the main closing speed and the second one adjusts the speed just before the door closes. This means you can have a fairly fast close, but can stop the door from slamming. When making adjustments the screws can be fairly sensitive so we recommend testing adjustments with no more of an 1/8th of a turn.

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Briton 1110 Size 2-4 Overhead Closer

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Briton 1120 Size 2-4 Overhead Closer with Backcheck

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Briton 2004 Size 4 Overhead Door Closer

£109.36£164.96 inc VAT

Briton 2130BD Size 2-6 Overhead Closer with Backcheck & Delayed Action

£299.03 £143.54 inc VAT

Briton 2321 Cam Action Closer Push

£227.33 £109.13 inc VAT

Dorma 22003001 Universal Hold Open Arm

£80.29 £55.88 inc VAT

Union 8824 Signature Size 2-4 Overhead Closer with Backcheck

£106.21 £60.54 inc VAT

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