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Patio Door Handles

Replacing your patio door handles can be great a way to give your patio doors a fresh, new look. Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of styles available, with a patio door handle to suit most tastes.

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Why Should You Consider Getting New Patio Door Handles?

After years of use, some patio door handles can get become worn and start to look tired. This is the most common reason for wanting to replace your patio door handles. Another reason may be just that you’re unhappy with the current style and would like an update or to make the handle in keeping with other changes your making around your patio doors.

If you’re looking to replace your patio door handle due to security reasons, you may be better off looking to just replacing the lock, which can save you money when compared to replacing the whole unit. Some patio door handles won’t come with locks included either. We have a huge range of patio locks available to buy online.

Key Considerations When Choosing Patio Door Handles

Type Of Patio Door Handle

One of the first considerations should be the function of the door handle. Will the handle be on a hinged or sliding patio door? You also need to consider whether the handle will need to include a lock or not.

You should also consider the material which you want your new patio door handle to be. The most common of these are UPVC, wooden and metal (including brass and chrome finishes).

Size and Lock Positioning

When choosing a new patio door handle, the easiest option is to choose a patio door handle with the same screw and lock positioning. This will ensure that the handle will be easy to install with no need for drilling new holes into your door and no need to worry about existing screw holes being on hold.

How To Replace Patio Door Handles

If doing a straight swap, the installation of your new patio door handle should be fairly simple. If you’ve taken the above considerations on board, all you’ll have to do to is simply unscrew the old door lock and screw the new patio door handle in place.

Full installation instructions should come with the handle you purchase. We would recommend reading these before attempting the install to ensure that the handle is fitted correctly.

Unsure if you’ll be able to fit your door handle or need help choosing the right one? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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