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Patio Door Rollers

Patio rollers can be found at the bottom of sliding patio doors and are used make these doors easier to open and close. From time to time these rollers can be become damaged and can make your doors harder to open or impossible to open at all. You’ll first become aware of this when your door will become to stiffen up which will be the best time to consider replacing your patio door rollers.

We have a huge range of patio door rollers, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Choosing The Right Patio Rollers

There are few different types of patio door rollers available and it’s likely that a specific type will be needed to fit your patio doors. We would therefore suggest taking a look at your current patio door rollers and look to purchase similar looking ones online. Patio rollers tend to be universal within the types so it you get the type of roller they should fit your patio door.

How To Install Your New Patio Rollers

The hardest part of installing your new patio door rollers will be removing and putting the doors back in place. Once the doors are off the old rollers can be removed by undoing a few screws and the new one can then be screwed in place.

How To Adjust Patio Door Rollers

Most patio door rollers come with a height adjusting screw which can be adjusted once they are installed in order to higher or lower the door to allow for a better glide. The screw can usually be found towards the bottom of the edge of the door and will usually be covered by a plug. If you remove the plug you should be able to see adjustable screw. Once finished remember to put the plug back in place, without this there could be a build up of dirt in your door rollers meaning there effectiveness will be reduced.

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