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Seals, Gasket & Vents

If you’re experiencing a draught coming from your door or windows then these may be the products for you. Seals, gaskets and vents can be replaced or retrofitted in order to reduce or stop any draughts and make any overall improvement to your homes energy efficiency.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of seals, gaskets and vents, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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What Are Door/Window Seals/Gaskets?

Seals or gaskets are a rubber like material which goes all around the door or window. The material is compressible, meaning that when a door or window is shut the seal will become compressed between the door/window and the frame creating an airtight seal.

This airtight seal provide multiple benefits, mainly heat retention and sound control. Other benefits can include light infiltration and smoke and fire control.

Over time the seals can suffer from wear and tear, meaning that they don’t work at optimum levels. When this occurs we would recommend getting replacement door or window seals.

What Are Window Vents?

Window vents do the opposite to seals and gaskets, allowing you to have a flow of fresh air into your property. These give you the best of both worlds, allowing fresh air in during the summer and stopping any draughts during the winter months.

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Exitex Brushstrip – Internal Brushstrip Suitable For Use With All Door Types & Profiles

£11.54£15.79 inc VAT

Exitex Deflector 20 – External Deflector Strip Suitable For All Door Types And Profiles

£11.87£19.39 inc VAT

Exitex E Strip Self Adhesive EPDM Rubber

£7.66 £5.52 inc VAT

Exitex ERD Rain Deflector – External deflector strip suitable for UPVC & Timber doors

£14.88£17.28 inc VAT

Exitex ERD Rain Deflector – Weather bar suitable for a range of inward and outward doors. Commonly used on timber doors

£19.92£24.64 inc VAT

Exitex Exitex Flex N Seal 17ft Set Screw Fix SC

£24.61 £17.72 inc VAT

Exitex Expelex Rain Deflector – Expelex Deflector Strip For All Door Types

£13.97£14.66 inc VAT

Exitex Flex n Seal – Aluminium Carrier with EDPM Rubber Gasket

£16.76£22.85 inc VAT

Exitex Macclex Weatherbar – Weather bar suitable for inward opening doors. Commonly used on double doors.

£17.44£22.09 inc VAT

Exitex P Strip Self Adhesive EPDM Rubber

£8.74 £6.29 inc VAT

Exitex PVC Pile Weather Set PVC Carrier with Polypropylene Pile

£14.34 £10.32 inc VAT

Greenwood S Series Trickle Vent Window Ventilators

£5.66£14.69 inc VAT

Greenwood S Series Trickle Vent Window Ventilators with Pullcord – 400mm

£18.98 £11.39 inc VAT

Q-Lon AQ122 Foam Weatherseal

£41.23 £29.69 inc VAT

Q-Lon AQ124 Foam Weatherseal

£41.23 £29.69 inc VAT

Q-Lon AQ21 Foam Weatherseal

£41.23 £29.69 inc VAT

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