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Cam Locks

Cam locks are one of the most common types of locks used and being both a cheap and effective way of securing inner doors/drawers, we can see why. The simple locks consist of two parts, which can easily be installed for use in most applications.

We have a huge range of cam locks, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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What Are Cam Locks Used For?

Cam locks are ideal for reducing access for inner doors where other security measures would need to be bypassed before getting to the cam lock. Some of the common uses for cam locks include:

  • Inner doors
  • Cabinets
  • Mailboxes
  • Drawers
  • Display cases

How Secure Are Cam locks?

Cam locks don’t tend to be the most secure locks, however they do have a purpose and can be a highly effective way of deterring people to look through things such as your cupboards or filing cabinets. We would therefore recommend them as a way to restrict access to certain areas where only trusted people have direct access.

For example, in an office space your staff are likely to have access, but you may have a filing cabinet containing sensitive information which shouldn’t be open for other staff members to look through. In this situation a cam lock is the ideal solution to keep the filing cabinet secure.

How To Install Cam Locks

Cam locks can vary so it’s best to refer to any installation documentation before trying to install a cam lock. Most cam locks come in two parts, one part to attach to the door or drawer and the other to attach to the inside of the closing. The second part should simply screw in place, but you will need to drill a hole into the drawer or door to the size of the cam lock in order to install the main locking mechanism.

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Angled Keep Plate for Cam/Desk Locks

£1.38 £0.84 inc VAT

Assa 29mm Fix Cylinder Cam Lock on Suite 29220

£34.70 inc VAT

Cam Lock Spiked Washer

£0.23 £0.14 inc VAT

Cam Lock Std Cranked Cam

£2.35 £1.42 inc VAT

Cam Lock Std Straight Cams (8mm Star Punch)

£1.13£1.42 inc VAT

Cam Lock Straight Cams (6.5mm Star Punch 38mm Length)

£2.54 £1.52 inc VAT

Cam Lock Straight Cams (6.5mm Star Punch 54mm Length)

£2.54 £1.52 inc VAT


£50.82 £33.54 inc VAT

Glass Cabinet Door Lock

£17.00 £10.21 inc VAT

Jedo Budget Cupboard Lock

£10.97 £6.58 inc VAT

L&F 0202 Mini Camlock Conical Head Clip Fix

£16.02 £9.62 inc VAT

L&F 0305 Round Face Nut Fix Slam lock

£32.59 £19.56 inc VAT

L&F 1306 Drawer Lock

£7.72£8.87 inc VAT

L&F 1318 Round Face Pedestal Nut Fix Cam Lock

£4.49£8.72 inc VAT

Winter Clearance Sale 2019
L&F 1332 Cam Lock

£9.83 £5.90 inc VAT

L&F 1334 Cam Lock

£10.13 £6.07 inc VAT

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