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Letter plates not only add an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch to your front door, they also give the added benefit of letting you take post too. Over time these can start to look worse for wear, in which case it’s time to think of getting a replacement and adding a fresh lease of life to your door.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of letterboxes and letter plates, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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Types Of Letterplates

There are a number of types of letter plates available on the market and the type of door you have will indicate which type of letter plate you will need. The main type of door which we have letter plates for are UPVC doors.

Replacing Your Letterplate

Replacing your letter plates should be a fairly simple task to complete as long as you take the time to measure the size of the replacement beforehand. Instructions for these can be seen below.

Measuring For A Replacement

Many people believe that letter plates are one size fits, and whilst this may be the case for the majority of doors, there are actually some different size letter plates available so it’s worth double checking before you purchase your new letter plate. You should look at the following measurements:

  • Aperture size: This is the size of the area used to slot the letters through. You should make sure that this will fit into the current hole in your door.
  • Backset: This correlates to the thickness of your door and should therefore match that. You may also want to look for “telescopic” backsets which will allow you to easily adjust the thickness of your letter plate.
  • Fixing centres: This is the most important measurement to take and is the distance between the fixing screws. You should ensure that this is the same as the existing letter plate to ensure an easy installation.

How To Install

A letter plate can be replaced by following these instructions:

  1. Lift the letter plate flap in order to see the fixing screws.
  2. Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the existing letter plate.
  3. Put the new letter plate in place and fix to the door using the fixing screws.

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Exitex Internal Letterplate Seal with Flap

£9.17£20.32 inc VAT

Exitex Internal Letterplate Seal without Flap

£10.92 £7.86 inc VAT

Fab & Fix Nu-Mail UPVC Telescopic Letterplate

£27.00£41.52 inc VAT

FabFix FFLP Letterplate Security Shield CP

£32.18£42.05 inc VAT

Georgian Postal Knocker Letter Plate

£40.48 £24.29 inc VAT

Imperial Letter Protector Hood

£16.75£23.50 inc VAT

Letter Plate

£48.98 £29.39 inc VAT

Letter Plate

£6.10£6.86 inc VAT

Letter Plate 10×3 SAA

£11.42 £6.85 inc VAT

MAP UPVC Telescopic Letterplate

£12.17£15.82 inc VAT

Paddock Slimline 12 UPVC Telescopic Letterplate

£20.35 £12.22 inc VAT

Paddock Welseal 12 UPVC Telescopic Letterplate

£22.16 £13.31 inc VAT

Slim Master 36-70mm UPVC Letterplate

£26.11£33.65 inc VAT

TSS 12 20/40 Letterplates

£4.74£10.00 inc VAT

TSS Aluminium Face Fix Letterplate

£7.37 £3.10 inc VAT

TSS Georgian Letterplate

£8.44£12.02 inc VAT

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