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Key Accessories

This range of key accessories are designed to help better organise your keys. This can include things such as colour coordination and labeling, which when used with a key cabinet, can ensure your keys are optimally organised. This is essential if you’re a building or hotel manager who needs to manage large sets of keys.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of key accessories, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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We have a variety of accessories including:

Split Keyrings

Split keyrings can be used to group multiple keys together or to attach keychains. If you need to group large quantities of keys together a jailers key ring may be more suitable.

Key Tags

Key tags can be used to organise your keys by adding labels to each individual keys. This is essential for those who need to keep track of which key is used for which lock.

Reel Keyholders

These are retractable key chains which can be attached to you via your belt. This means it’s harder to lose your keys by accident and also makes it harder for the keys to be stolen, adding extra security.

Jailers Key Ring

These key rings allow you attach large quantities of keys to a single ring, which as the name suggests was popular with jailers who would’ve had to carry cell keys. These are now popular with building managers, security and maintenance people who may need to have access to a variety of different areas within a building.

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8033 Mixed Key Tags with Split Ring 200

£29.65 £17.80 inc VAT

CA001 Assorted Colour Keytop Rings Box 200

£18.96 £11.38 inc VAT

CA008 Hinged Mixed Key Tags Box 96

£16.13 £9.67 inc VAT

CA011 Plastic Snap Keyclip Card 12 Colours

£10.94 £6.56 inc VAT

CA014 Plastic Keyring with Flexicord (12)

£20.83 £12.50 inc VAT

Crampon Billet Keyhooks Col Aluminium (12)

£11.83 £7.10 inc VAT

Dble Key Turner Device Blue

£12.12 £7.27 inc VAT

Jailers Key Ring 6/150mm NP Steel

£3.44 £2.08 inc VAT

Jailers Ring 4 / 100mm

£2.28 £1.37 inc VAT

Kamet Style Snap Key Holder 80mm (Card 12)

£33.60 £20.16 inc VAT

Keyboard Key Cabinet Sign Out Tabs

£14.40 £8.64 inc VAT

Pullapart Belt Keyring Holder (Card 12)

£22.10 £13.26 inc VAT

Retractable Belt Reel Key Holder

£3.86 £2.32 inc VAT

Single Key Turner Device White

£8.89 £5.34 inc VAT

Steel Split Keyrings 19mm 0.75 NP

£0.07 £0.05 inc VAT

Steel Split Keyrings 25mm 1 NP

£0.11 £0.07 inc VAT

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