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5 Reasons To Change Your Door Locks

Posted on : November 30, 2018

Door locks play a valuable role in keeping homes and other properties safe, as well as helping those within them to feel safe. They are a vital part of everyday life today, so it makes sense to think about when...

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How To Choose The Right Key Machine For Your Business

Posted on : October 26, 2018

If you’re a locksmith starting out or a seasoned professional looking to expand on your services, it makes sense to do some research into the best key machine for your business. This is an essential piece of kit in your...

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How To Replace a UPVC Door Lock

Posted on : September 28, 2018

At some point or another, you may find yourself needing to replace an existing door lock. It could be that you’re moving into a new home and want to change the locks for peace of mind, or it could be...

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Our Guide To Door Furniture

Posted on : August 31, 2018

Whether you’re updating and improving your existing entry door, or you’re investing in a brand new front door and are looking for some aesthetic additions to introduce to it, door furniture can help to create a quality finish to the...

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How To Choose The Right Replacement Lock For Your Door

Posted on : July 31, 2018

Whether you’re a first time buyer of a new home, or an experienced homeowner tackling the job for the very first time, it goes without saying that replacing your first lock can be confusing. This rings especially true when it...

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