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Door Reinforcement

Door reinforcement is great way in order to improve the security of your property with many of these products being visible to would-be intruders, meaning they also act as a deterrent.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of Door Reinforcement, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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These door reinforcement are designed to bolster the weak points in your doors which may be vulnerable to attack. This includes the actual lock mechanism, with products such as anti thrust plates, the hinges as well as the frame, both of which can be vulnerable to more primitive attacks such as trying to batter the whole door down or kick the door in.

The majority of these products are easy to install and most homeowners should be able to fit them themselves. We would recommend reading manufactures instructions before attempting an install in order to ensure that the device is installed correctly and you get the full security benefits.

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Birmingham Bar (Lattice Type) White

£20.22 £8.50 inc VAT

Doorguard Bar

£16.42 £9.85 inc VAT

Doorguard Grille

£129.46 £77.68 inc VAT

Imperial G9501 Universal Anti Thrust Plate

£19.86£20.86 inc VAT

Kickstop 2300EU Wide Euro Lockguard

£21.08£30.30 inc VAT

Kickstop 2300UK Wide UK Lockguard

£21.08£30.30 inc VAT

Kickstop 9600EU Euro Lockguard 2 Bolt Fixing

£23.68£24.85 inc VAT

Kickstop 9600OV Oval Lockguard 2 Bolt Fixing

£13.97£24.85 inc VAT

Kickstop 9600UK UK Lockguard 2 Bolt Fixing

£17.59£24.85 inc VAT

Kickstop 9600X Extension Plate Black

£0.96 £0.91 inc VAT

Kickstop 9601EU Euro Lockguard 4 Bolt Fixing

£16.85£27.13 inc VAT

Kickstop 9601OV Oval Lockguard 4 Bolt Fixing

£17.28 £10.37 inc VAT

Kickstop 9601UK UK Lockguard 4 Bolt Fixing

£20.22£28.49 inc VAT

Kickstop 9602 Bevel Edge Frameguard

£20.22£22.61 inc VAT

Kickstop 9603 Standard 30mm x 70mm Stapleguard

£20.45£21.23 inc VAT

Kickstop 9604 Large 30mm x 97mm Stapleguard

£16.85£20.45 inc VAT

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