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Key Safes

Have you ever been locked out of your own home? Or perhaps you’ve needed to give access to your home whilst your away? With a key safe you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You simply attach the key safe to the outside of your house, set the combination and put your spare key in and you’ll know that it’ll always be there in case of emergency. Whether that’s you leaving your key at home or you’ve had to rush away leaving your pets at home. All you have to do is enter the correct combination and you’ll have the spare key to gain access to your home. All our key safes are of the highest security and a much better solution than leaving a key under your doormat or a flower pot.

Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of key safes, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355.

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How Secure Are Key Safes

One main concern that arises when looking at key safes is how secure they are. Most key safes use a combination lock which are often the ‘weak’ part of the key safe, but when you consider the amount of combinations available it’s highly unlikely someone will gain access by guessing the combination or going through each code. If this is a concern we would recommend going for a key safe which offers longer codes and avoid common codes such as “1111” and “1234”.

If you’re still unsure about the security factors of the keysafe we would suggest looking for police approved key safes or looking at what your insurer says about the key safe.

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Master 5400 portable key safe

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Master 5404 key safe

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Master 5415 Key Safe

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Zone 350KS key safe

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